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Our Kulali Indian Curly bundles will provide you with a full head of flirty girl curls! Opt for three or four bundles of the same length or create layers with varying lengths for an even fuller look. The Kulali Curly is lightweight and easily maintained. It can be straightened if you wish and will return to it’s beautiful, natural curl pattern after washing and conditioning. With proper care, Prima Belle, your bundles will last a year or more!

  • 100% Unprocessed, Virgin Indian Hair
    • Each bundle is a natural brown color
    • Each bundle is 3.5 to 4 ounces in weight
    • Double wefted
    • No tangling, shedding or chemical odors

    Our Recommendation:

    For 12"-22″, three bundles are recommended for a full installation.
    For 22″-28", four bundles are recommended for a full installation.

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