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You want to treat your Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard extensions just as you would your own hair. Our hair offers great flexibility – we truly want you to own your standard of beauty! – but your extensions need TLC as well! Here are a few tips:

● Co-wash or condition your tresses weekly to bi-weekly

● Reduce excessive heat and color processing where you can – hot rollers, pin curls, flexi and perm rods are GREAT alternatives to achieve an array of bouncy, voluminous curls with personality that screams “Prima Belle!"

● Opt to wrap your straight hair to preserve that sexy straight look. Our Catalina Collection of Catalina Straight Brazilian hair is perfect for this look!

● Opt for a satin pillowcase or satin bonnet if hair wrapping isn’t for you. Prima Belles should never rest their heads on anything other than satin/silk pillowcases for obvious reasons – no self-respecting Prima Belle would! Most notably, satin/silk helps to preserve the softness and luster of your hair and prevents breakage around your edges while they rest under your Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard hair.

● Go easy on the products. Too many oils, leave in conditioners and others will only weigh down your extensions. Opt for light, sulfate-free products if you must (sulfates are drying agents). A sulfate-free heat protectant when blow-drying and perhaps, a light leave-in conditioner and/or hold spray can go a long way.

● When combing and brushing your dry Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard extensions, always start at the ends and gently work your way up. Careful not to snag your braids underneath as this can lead to thinning of your natural hair

● When washing and conditioning or co-washing your extensions, do so in a gentle downward stroking motion – never rubbing the hair together or balling it up. Comb conditioner through with a wide-tooth comb and let sit for 5-20 minutes.

Can I swim in my Prima Hair?

● Swimming in your Prima Hair is not recommended but doable. Chlorine water can be quite damaging to your Prima Tresses. Opt for these precautions:

● Be sure to brush through your Prima Hair prior to entering the water. Tie it in a cute bun or pony if you can. A braid is also a great option to prevent tangling.

● A leave in conditioner can provide a preemptive layer of protection.

● We recommend promptly shampooing and conditioning your hair and scalp after swimming. Not only will the chlorine damage and dry out your Prima Hair but your natural hair underneath will take a hit as well. Remember, your natural hair matters and should not be forgotten while resting beneath your Prima Tresses!

Texture Talk   Closures  |  Frontals

● Closures & FrontalsGo easy on the tugging and scratching. Excessive friction and pulling can lead to the delicate strands prematurely shedding from your lace.Straight

● Our Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard Catalina Straight extensions come in lustrous, shiny straight lengths that can be curled or wanded to achieve the perfect look. Of course, bone straight or straight with a slight bump at the ends is always a classic look! Loose Wave & Curly

● Refrain from combing or brushing through your Kulali Curly Prima Tresses unless you are detangling under warm water with conditioner. Should you need to detangle dry hair, your fingers are the best tools you can use.

● While it is safe to brush through your Catalina Loose Wave Brazilian extensions, finger combing is a much better alternative to combat frizzing