1Do you carry Virgin hair?
Yes! We specialize in 100% Virgin Human Hair. Our Kulali Collection, Lima Collection and Catalina Collection are only available in their unprocessed, chemically unaltered state.
2May I color my Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard Hair?
Of course you can! Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard is 100% Virgin hair and you are able to lift and dye your extensions to your desired color. We recommend consulting a professional stylist who specializes in coloring virgin hair extensions for the best results. Please note, any coloring, lifting or processing of Prima Hair Collection extensions should be conducted at your own risk.
3How many bundles should I order for a full sew-in?
For a full sew-in or a full sew-in with a closure or frontal, we recommend 2-3 bundles. For lengths longer than 20 inches, we recommend four bundles for fullness.
4How long will my Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard extensions last?
The longevity of your Prima Hair Collection extensions will depend on how well you care for them. With proper care (conditioning, minimal heat application, proper sleep maintenance, etc…), your hair can last up to two years or more.
5Does Virgin Hair come in different colors?
Our Virgin hair is 100% unprocessed and chemically unaltered. Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard comes in its natural color – usually a natural brown ranging from 1B to 2 on the universal color scale.
6May I use heat on my Virgin hair?
Yes! You can blow-dry, straighten, curl and style your Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard Hair just as you would your own natural hair. Use your flatiron to style it bone straight or blow it out and add beautiful, bouncy barrel curls (don’t forget to tag us in your selfies!). The sky is the limit, Prima Belle!
7Will my Prima Hair extensions revert back to their natural state when wet?
Yes, they will! Barring any extreme heat damage from over-styling, your Prima Tresses will bounce back to their original textured pattern with the help of water.
8How often should I wash my Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard Hair?
How often you wash your hair will greatly depend on how often you wash your own natural hair. Your natural oils will slowly seep onto your extensions over time. You should wash and condition or co-wash your extensions to combat natural oils, general dirt and debris and other elements every 1 to 2 weeks. Don’t forget to care for and condition your scalp and edges as well! Your natural hair matters!
9How many ounces are in a bundle of Prima Collection by Candiace Dillard Hair?
Each bundle is between 3.5 to 4 ounces in weight.
10Will my extensions shed?
As with any hair extensions, you will experience a minimal amount of shedding during the washing/styling process. Prima Hair Collection by Candiace Dillard, however, will have very little shedding. You can minimize shedding, even more by NOT cutting your wefts (highly recommended) or by sealing your wefts at the cut point.
11What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
12What is your return policy?
We do not honor returns or exchanges. By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to a final sale. Should you need to cancel an order for any reason, please do so prior processing and shipping by emailing us at myorder@primahaircollection.com.

Stella Collection | European Clip-ins & Halos

Our Collection of European clip in and halo hair extensions are made of the finest quality Human Hair. Color processed to match your tresses, the European Collection is perfect any Prima Belle! Need help choosing your perfect color match? Send us a photo of your hair from the back, taken outside in natural light (no filters) to colormatch@primahaircollection.com!
1How many ounces of hair are in each order of Stella Collection clip-ins and halos?
Each order contains between 3.5 to 4 ounces of hair.
2What is a Halo?
We would definitely agree that our Prima Belle’s are angels but this is a different kind of halo! Prima Hair Collection Halos are a collection of wefts, which are sewn together and attached to an invisible wire that sits, undetected on the crown of your head. A great alternative to clips, halos are easy to put on, easy to remove and provide less stress to your natural hair than clips. Halos are recommended for Prima Belle’s with at least 10 inches of natural hair, as it makes for an easier, more natural blend.
3How long will my Prima Stella Collection hair last?
With proper care and maintenance, your Stella Collection hair can last anywhere from 4 months to one year or more.
4I am looking for a specific color.
Our Stella Collection of European clip ins and halos come in over 12 different colors for your convenience.
Still have questions? Fret not! Email us! info@primahaircollection.com
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